The new technology

iphone-830480_640With the advancement of technology, several sectors all over the world are seeking to embrace the new technology and shun the old ways which they deem to be quite slow and inefficient. HIPAA Compliant clinics and health centers have not been left out. Technology has vastly changed. Back in the days, the innovation of a pager was such an amazing implement in health organizations but now, forth came the smart phone and its modern messaging and what a tremendous way has clinics and medical service organization including those who are HIPAA messaging compliant embraced it. This technology involves basically texting. The information that is being communicated here involves patients details especially factors to do with the nature of their medication. This sometimes cannot go expectedly well. Physicians are now seen texting using their smart phones but the liabilities that comes along this technology has sometimes disadvantaged them a lot. This article seeks to uncover some of the problems that these organizations face especially those that are HIPAA compliant. What is it that they face and do not go well with them and their budget or convenience? How do they anyhow benefit from this technology? And what are the difficulties of finding a relevant technology to incorporate into their systems especially on the sector of their communications?

Factors relating to texting in HIPAA compliant medical organizations

It is an effective tool of communication

First of all, we must realize that it has really transformed 8497636527_0d23f0928e_kcommunication within the organizations as they are very instant and easy to apply. Unlike the ancient use of e mails and pagers, text messages have really made it quite efficient. The fact that unlike e mails, phone numbers are very individual; individual in the sense that you choose whom to give your number and whom not to. This has helped in that it if is an health center cell number, the issue of a lot of people disturbing often engaging on irrelevant factors is greatly cut down. The advantage behind these is their fastness. It is a very fast way of communication and has really improved such organizations. A research that was conducted on the texting on health centers has stated that physicians waste a whole one hour each day on phone texting. Can you imagine the tremendous waste in terms of money and time that goes along with this whole texting thing? It is quite tremendous.